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Phone by Daniel Green oil on wood 40" X 30" Private Collection

Painting by Daniel Green oil on wood 40" X 30" Private Collection

If you need a bilingual auctioneer please contact us for the best prices in the auction business.

Our helpful staff can assist you with every auction need.

If you need a live translator please use our electronic email page and a bilingual auctioneer or appropriate representative will contact you as soon as possible.

We enjoy working with fine artwork, collectors and green nonprofit organizations.

We are Eco Friendly licensed and bonded bilingual auctioneers based in Manhattan, NY.

This is a free site for everyone to view and post auction items for free.

Please read our terms and conditions and decide which of our auctions solutions is best for you.

Thank you from Bilingual Auctioneer and Bilingual Auctions!

4 Responses to “Welcome to Bilingual Auctions”

  • Welcome to Bilingual Auctions! Post a message.

  • Cheryl Powers:

    What if I only have a few items to sell?

  • admin:

    Dear Cheryl:
    You must certify these are your items and must read and agree to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    These items must be original, in excellent quality and unique.
    Items must be authenticated and consigned to be sold through our auction.
    These simple rules protect both buyers and sellers.

    Thank you for your interest and compliance.
    We hope to see your items for auction.

    Bilingual Auctions

  • admin:

    We can accept individual inventory or promote a collection at auction.

    It would be our pleasure to discuss the items. Please take at least two clear digital photographs per lot and include a brief description. Include any authentication documentation when available.

    Let us know if we can be of any greater assistance.
    Bilingual Auctions Management

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Bilingual Auctions

Welcome to Bilingual Auctions!

Our bilingual auctioneers are international auction professionals.

Bilingual Auctions are hosted by The Manhattan Auction House, an Eco Friendly NYC based, international bilingual auctioneering company.

Our vision is to offer everyone around the world the chance to buy and sell unique quality items.

Please submit items for sale or bid respectfully after reading our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Thank you for your business and referrals. Please Reduce, reuse, REPEAT and recycle our free message.